21+ No Minors
Raw Seafood
Due to Washington State Liquor Board Control Law, there are no children allowed anywhere on the premises.
Please notify cashier of any food allergies you may have.
We can only prevent cross contamination if we aware.
Warning: Most of our dishes contain delicious raw seafood which may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Featured Dishes.

Housemade Guacamole

Our guacamole is made fresh daily with simple ingredients combining lime, cilantro, habanero and sea salt.  We top it all off with our secret ingredient: Grasshopper Salt! Our grasshoppers are imported already dehydrated, then ground with sumac & sea salt. Served with tortilla chips seasoned with avocado skin ash and dried chiles.

Carnitas Torta & Rajas

Our Carnitas torta starts with slow-braised pork shoulder cooked in its own fat and seasoned with cinnamon, orange, and guajillo chiles. Next we throw in some Rajas - yellow sweet onions and poblano chiles cooked down in cream - and spread it all on Telera bread topped with cilantro and cotija cheese.


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